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Ding! Level 30.


Tonight, or rather last night (how did it get to be 6am already?!) was rather eventful.  We had an organised Abyss run with the legion, which was a little less populated than expect but still went well.  It start off a little tough due to a lot of high level Elyos running around, but things got better as time went on, and we ended up clocking up about 35 kills in around an hour.  Not bad going!

I also discovered an interesting fact.  You can communicate with enemy players by using your Personal Store, as opposing players can still read the title of your shop despite the scrambling of normal chat.  This we discovered after a higher level player tried to destroy our Kisk (which was in the fortress, and he was firing at it from above) and we attacked him but just could not kill him.  To be fair, he was a level 44 healer, but all the same there were six of us, including three 30+.  Eventually he danced, then sat down and opened a shop saying, “I’m sorry, you attacked me first.”  So I had a pleasant conversation with him about how that Kisk he’d tried to destroy was ours, so technically he started it.  All was well though, and I learnt a new lesson.  It’s strange how this chatting made me think of communicating with aliens!

After it all ended, I finally reached level 30.  Those of you who got the Collector’s Edition know exactly what that means.  Hello, new wings and +40 flight time!

Still wearing the same armour though.  Tryst and I tried going to Eltnen for the Spy quests, purely because I want the damn title, and we discovered that enemy bots are curious beings and great fun to gank the hell out of.  But our fun was ended by a pair of late-night Elyos hunters.  All the same, I had a good time.

I’m also going to link to this blog entry on (Insert Awesome Aion Name), where Rer posts about his new, lower leveled character that he’s been having a bit of fun with.  My Chanter is 15 and I intend on getting her higher and doing Black Claw soon, so I encourage my fellow players to reroll when the going gets tough.  There’s no harm in having a bit of altitis from time to time, and playing a new character really does bring back the old, chirpy feelings when you just want to get away from the grind.

Happy hunting!


Nochsana’s Training Camp


First of all, sorry for the lack of activity here, I’m not dead!  Was visiting family til the weekend and then my net decided to die, staying up for only three minutes at a time.  Either way, it’s back up, and in that time I’ve managed to do NTC for the first time, and two more times after that, so here are some thoughts.

First of all, our first party was really great!  We handled the agro really well, and the two guys from Shinigami were great.  I definitely recommend partying with Shinigami members on Spatalos, from my experience so far.  I had read this guide before going in and we cleared it in around the same time as it dictates.  It’s quite an easy instance for those who haven’t tried it, but the drops vary.  The first time we went in, the only decent drop was the blue from the Guardian, and luckily someone in the party could use it!

Second time practically nothing dropped, and the Guardian didn’t put out at all.  The third time we went in the Guardian still didn’t drop, but a couple of decent greens did and I even got some Pauldrons out of it.  I heard that you have to have killed all other mobs in the instance for the Guardian to drop a blue, anyone know if this is true?

Anyway, I definitely recommend this for some great leveling.  Typical party set-up works, but a high-damage party set-up did us really well, and I’ve seen parties do it with only four members.  It’s not too tough to stay standing, just remember to keep an eye out for patrols.

A few things to remember for NTC:

  • You can start at 25 and do it up until you turn 29.
  • I recommend taking the right path when you enter, as do many people it seems.  There is a patrol that comes round from the left composed mostly of regular mobs, but with an elite in there.
  • If you go right on entering, there’s a safe spot by the exit portal where you can sit if anyone goes AFK or people aren’t in the instance yet.

Sadly I don’t know enough to write a coherent guide yet, but that’ll come with time I’m sure!  I’m now 28, and find the XP from NTC definitely helping.  Each elite is worth 15-20k XP, and the bosses are from 35k-60k, depending on level and party members.

Dancing and showing off new armour!

Dancing and showing off new armour!

Either way, I’m now kitted out in some pretty nice Sura’s Plate and have been getting pretty damn lucky with drops lately.  I’ve taken a bit of a break from leveling Psyche to level my alt, a Chanter.  She seems to get luckier with drops than I ever have on Psyche!

Also, just a note, Clan Darkwolf are looking for new members, so if anyone is interested let me know!  We’re just a casual legion out to have some fun but we do some PvE and PvP parties, and most of the members are really friendly and helpful.  Sorry for the crappy content post, I hope to get some more interesting stuff up soon!

Abyss – First Thoughts


Last night I reached level 25 for the first time, which of course meant the Abyss.  A daunting but very exciting prospect!  I gathered together with Trystan and Delacroix, and we started doing the quests.  While killing the Klaw Scouters (note: to those of you who haven’t done the quest yet, Klaw Lookers are not the correct mob to kill for the quest) we got sidetracked and did a few quests killing the Veteran Klaw <insert here>.  We killed a few Sentinels and Patrollers, eventually moving on to kill the Fighters for the Siel’s Tears quests.  Sure we got sidetracked, and brought along another party-member (another Glad, so a three Glad, one Temp party for elites and it worked rather well) who kept accidentally following the wrong party, but we had a good time.

After we did inevitably die a few times, and Delacroix and our other party-member fell into the lava pit of doom, we decided to call it a night.  Finished the flight test despite the lag in Morheim, and were finally ready to jump into the Abyss!  All three of us were excited needless to say.

First opinions are overall positive.  It’s a nice feeling to have so many places that danger can strike from.  Ironically, I kind of felt that way in Morheim anyway, as I had a bit of a negative opinion of the Asmodian attitude towards PvP.  It seems that people need someone to take control of the situation, as several times one person was all it took to stand at the front and shout, “Where the hell are you going?  Stop standing around and get in there!” And suddenly we were all charging in and bashing heads together.  I thought that the Abyss would be similar, but it seems the attitude has definitely improved.

I’ve been more careful about picking my targets and knowing when to back down, and the three of us got a few good kills, both in our party and solo.  We also got a few good mini-battles which was great fun.  Of course, something had to leave a sour taste in my mouth, and I found that after all those nice battles and even the deaths where I fell to higher levels or genuinely better-skilled PvPers on the Elyos side, some of our Asmodians were running away from fights that they could easily have won.  There were three or four Rank 6 Elyos Soldiers versus myself, Delacroix, Trystan and at least five other Rank 6 and 7 Asmodian Soldiers, and everyone except the three of us idiots ran away.  I’ll be sure to not rely too heavily on other players in the future when my own life is at stake.

That said, I still am thrilled to be in the Abyss and am looking forward to seeing my first fortress siege.  I would like to take this moment to say congratulations and thanks to the Xeo FreneZy guys who worked hard on the fortresses yesterday.  I think before that a lot of the Asmo side were a little antsy at our lack of success in the Abyss, and I’m glad to see that something has been done about it.