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NTC Again


I took Alinys into Nochsana Training Camp for the first time on Sunday. I was really nervous, because I’ve only done NTC in a DD role before, and wasn’t sure how my healing would fare, and admittedly was a bit nervous about my role. I haven’t really discovered fully what my role is in a party as a Chanter, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

Our party set-up was a Spiritmaster, Sorcerer, two Chanters (one of them being me), a Templar and a Cleric. The Cleric and I agreed that if a mace dropped it was his, and if a staff dropped it was mine, since the other Chanter had crafted gear that was better and she wasn’t interested. It went mostly smoothly, though I died three times. I found myself doing a lot of the healing and pulling a lot of aggro. I did manage to avoid pulling anything we hadn’t already pulled. I can’t say that much for the other party members though — as we entered the General’s room at the end we all stuck to the right wall and the other Chanter pulled three mobs from the middle, as well as our Templar intentionally pulling one to the right. We wiped, but the Cleric had Rebirth up and I used one of my res stones. We got the party up, the Sorcerer disconnected (after being yelled at by the Chanter to wake up) and then cleared the rest of the room quite easily.

The General fight went really quickly; I chose to sit back with the other Chanter just in case, rather than die again. So we kept the Templar alive, the Templar held aggro really well, and the rest of us just popped spells on the General every now and then. Sadly it dropped the Dagger, but hey, at least it was a drop! We just all rolled since there were no Scout classes in the party, and the Cleric got it.

Thanks to my first Chanter-run of NTC, I’m about to hit 26. I’ll take her to 30 and start doing Fire Temple, something that is entirely new to me! Any tips are appreciated.