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Blog info & gear update.


First of all, I finally got around to mapping my domain and am now at! You can also now reach me at Hurrah! So that was a pleasant update for this morning. I definitely prefer having my own domain, and will soon be hosting my blog myself using WordPress software, but that comes when I have a layout to use.

Also, I think I’m going to attempt the insane. Yes, the insane. When I got my first Daevanion quest done and received the Courageous Breastplate, I was disappointed that it was going to be so tough to get the other four pieces. People said it wasn’t worth the time and effort, as you can only get one piece of armour per level 30 character, but if you have all the characters at 30, you can change each piece of armour into one suitable for, for example, a Gladiator. Anyone predict where I’m going with this?

Since it’s probably not going to be a commonly done thing to get the entire set, I think I might try it. I’m in no rush to get to 50, in fact I’m enjoying taking my time, and Alinys, who is sitting at 23, is making me a lot of cash from crafting (she’s my lucky girl), so the boyfriend and I are really going to give it a go. Any tips for a good combination of classes? We were considering taking Chanter/Glad and Cleric/Temp and just repeating the combination. It’ll probably get dull, but hey, Psyche probably isn’t going anywhere for a little while, so what’s the harm in trying it?

Any comments of ‘lol you’re crazy/stupid’ are also most welcome! I may be slow at progress, but I plan on getting as knowledgable about certain aspects of the game as I can, so that I can make educated guesses and give as many tips and hints as possible for those just starting out. I’m not much of a guide-writer, but I’ll gladly share anything I know, so for now, I don’t think you’ll be seeing me dinging 50 on any of my characters any time soon. I always was cursed with a case of alt-itis!




I figured an introduction post was the best way to start, so hail Daevas!  Welcome to Winged Rage, one of my many gaming (and personal) blogs, dedicated to my character Psyche, an Asmodian Gladiator.  Currently, at time of writing, I’m about to hit level 25.  Winged Rage, as I’m sure many of you Glads at least know, is a pretty-sounding passive Glad skill at level 25, and I thought it suited the blogging effort.

Puckering up and showing off~

Puckering up and showing off~

Psyche currently lives in Morheim and spends most of her time questing and trying to run her legion Clan Darkwolf, named after an old clan I played for (a little casually) ‘back in the day’.  Occasionally she takes time out of her busy schedule to slaughter Elyos that pop through rifts into Morheim, or more frequently get swarmed by several higher levels and run for her life!

In true warrior-style, she crafts armour for a living, but sometimes takes time out to cook food for her friends.  Her partner in crime, Trystan, crafts weapons, while their good friend Delacroix brews potions and makes magical things.  Gathering is her personal pet peeve, but when it comes down to it nothing beats a night out in the cold snow fields of Morheim mining some Titanium while your friends gather from veggies nearby.

I will occasionally mention my alts on here.  Currently I have Alinys, a Priest soon-to-be Cleric, and Voluptuous, a soon-to-be Assassin.  Neither have quite reached Ascension yet.

I’m looking to get on Blogrolls, so link me to your Aion blog if you see this!  Azphelumbra, friends!