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NTC Again


I took Alinys into Nochsana Training Camp for the first time on Sunday. I was really nervous, because I’ve only done NTC in a DD role before, and wasn’t sure how my healing would fare, and admittedly was a bit nervous about my role. I haven’t really discovered fully what my role is in a party as a Chanter, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

Our party set-up was a Spiritmaster, Sorcerer, two Chanters (one of them being me), a Templar and a Cleric. The Cleric and I agreed that if a mace dropped it was his, and if a staff dropped it was mine, since the other Chanter had crafted gear that was better and she wasn’t interested. It went mostly smoothly, though I died three times. I found myself doing a lot of the healing and pulling a lot of aggro. I did manage to avoid pulling anything we hadn’t already pulled. I can’t say that much for the other party members though — as we entered the General’s room at the end we all stuck to the right wall and the other Chanter pulled three mobs from the middle, as well as our Templar intentionally pulling one to the right. We wiped, but the Cleric had Rebirth up and I used one of my res stones. We got the party up, the Sorcerer disconnected (after being yelled at by the Chanter to wake up) and then cleared the rest of the room quite easily.

The General fight went really quickly; I chose to sit back with the other Chanter just in case, rather than die again. So we kept the Templar alive, the Templar held aggro really well, and the rest of us just popped spells on the General every now and then. Sadly it dropped the Dagger, but hey, at least it was a drop! We just all rolled since there were no Scout classes in the party, and the Cleric got it.

Thanks to my first Chanter-run of NTC, I’m about to hit 26. I’ll take her to 30 and start doing Fire Temple, something that is entirely new to me! Any tips are appreciated.


Blog info & gear update.


First of all, I finally got around to mapping my domain and am now at! You can also now reach me at Hurrah! So that was a pleasant update for this morning. I definitely prefer having my own domain, and will soon be hosting my blog myself using WordPress software, but that comes when I have a layout to use.

Also, I think I’m going to attempt the insane. Yes, the insane. When I got my first Daevanion quest done and received the Courageous Breastplate, I was disappointed that it was going to be so tough to get the other four pieces. People said it wasn’t worth the time and effort, as you can only get one piece of armour per level 30 character, but if you have all the characters at 30, you can change each piece of armour into one suitable for, for example, a Gladiator. Anyone predict where I’m going with this?

Since it’s probably not going to be a commonly done thing to get the entire set, I think I might try it. I’m in no rush to get to 50, in fact I’m enjoying taking my time, and Alinys, who is sitting at 23, is making me a lot of cash from crafting (she’s my lucky girl), so the boyfriend and I are really going to give it a go. Any tips for a good combination of classes? We were considering taking Chanter/Glad and Cleric/Temp and just repeating the combination. It’ll probably get dull, but hey, Psyche probably isn’t going anywhere for a little while, so what’s the harm in trying it?

Any comments of ‘lol you’re crazy/stupid’ are also most welcome! I may be slow at progress, but I plan on getting as knowledgable about certain aspects of the game as I can, so that I can make educated guesses and give as many tips and hints as possible for those just starting out. I’m not much of a guide-writer, but I’ll gladly share anything I know, so for now, I don’t think you’ll be seeing me dinging 50 on any of my characters any time soon. I always was cursed with a case of alt-itis!

Eep, silence.


I’m so sorry for not being around lately. I’ve started a new job, and have been busy as hell with that, and have also decided to put Psyche on the sidelines for a little bit. I’m still Psyche; it’s been my online alias for years so why change it? But I am playing Alinys, my currently 22 Chanter on Spatalos. I’m not sure which of the two will be my main, but honestly I’m sitting back and enjoying it for a while.

I promise there’ll be more detailed posts in the near future, and I’m sorry I’ve been so lazy!

Ding! Level 30.


Tonight, or rather last night (how did it get to be 6am already?!) was rather eventful.  We had an organised Abyss run with the legion, which was a little less populated than expect but still went well.  It start off a little tough due to a lot of high level Elyos running around, but things got better as time went on, and we ended up clocking up about 35 kills in around an hour.  Not bad going!

I also discovered an interesting fact.  You can communicate with enemy players by using your Personal Store, as opposing players can still read the title of your shop despite the scrambling of normal chat.  This we discovered after a higher level player tried to destroy our Kisk (which was in the fortress, and he was firing at it from above) and we attacked him but just could not kill him.  To be fair, he was a level 44 healer, but all the same there were six of us, including three 30+.  Eventually he danced, then sat down and opened a shop saying, “I’m sorry, you attacked me first.”  So I had a pleasant conversation with him about how that Kisk he’d tried to destroy was ours, so technically he started it.  All was well though, and I learnt a new lesson.  It’s strange how this chatting made me think of communicating with aliens!

After it all ended, I finally reached level 30.  Those of you who got the Collector’s Edition know exactly what that means.  Hello, new wings and +40 flight time!

Still wearing the same armour though.  Tryst and I tried going to Eltnen for the Spy quests, purely because I want the damn title, and we discovered that enemy bots are curious beings and great fun to gank the hell out of.  But our fun was ended by a pair of late-night Elyos hunters.  All the same, I had a good time.

I’m also going to link to this blog entry on (Insert Awesome Aion Name), where Rer posts about his new, lower leveled character that he’s been having a bit of fun with.  My Chanter is 15 and I intend on getting her higher and doing Black Claw soon, so I encourage my fellow players to reroll when the going gets tough.  There’s no harm in having a bit of altitis from time to time, and playing a new character really does bring back the old, chirpy feelings when you just want to get away from the grind.

Happy hunting!