Geek, 20 years young, female, originally from Northern Ireland but living in Ireland, happily taken by a fellow geek who not only indulges my obsessive gaming but actually joins in.  Very friendly, easygoing and quite shy.  Also plays EVE, Left4Dead, Quake 3, and many other games, and is certainly not new to the MMO scene, having played WoW, AoC, Guild Wars, DDO and tons of others.

Thought it was worth noting that she has had a passion for gaming since she was very young, and not only for playing.  She also worked in the games industry (customer support and community management) and plans to do again very soon.  Bit of a change from her childhood aspirations of being a ballerina/forensic scientist!

Blogs about most things, including her gaming habits and her personal life on Livejournal.  Want to know more?   Ask.


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