NTC Again

I took Alinys into Nochsana Training Camp for the first time on Sunday. I was really nervous, because I’ve only done NTC in a DD role before, and wasn’t sure how my healing would fare, and admittedly was a bit nervous about my role. I haven’t really discovered fully what my role is in a party as a Chanter, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

Our party set-up was a Spiritmaster, Sorcerer, two Chanters (one of them being me), a Templar and a Cleric. The Cleric and I agreed that if a mace dropped it was his, and if a staff dropped it was mine, since the other Chanter had crafted gear that was better and she wasn’t interested. It went mostly smoothly, though I died three times. I found myself doing a lot of the healing and pulling a lot of aggro. I did manage to avoid pulling anything we hadn’t already pulled. I can’t say that much for the other party members though — as we entered the General’s room at the end we all stuck to the right wall and the other Chanter pulled three mobs from the middle, as well as our Templar intentionally pulling one to the right. We wiped, but the Cleric had Rebirth up and I used one of my res stones. We got the party up, the Sorcerer disconnected (after being yelled at by the Chanter to wake up) and then cleared the rest of the room quite easily.

The General fight went really quickly; I chose to sit back with the other Chanter just in case, rather than die again. So we kept the Templar alive, the Templar held aggro really well, and the rest of us just popped spells on the General every now and then. Sadly it dropped the Dagger, but hey, at least it was a drop! We just all rolled since there were no Scout classes in the party, and the Cleric got it.

Thanks to my first Chanter-run of NTC, I’m about to hit 26. I’ll take her to 30 and start doing Fire Temple, something that is entirely new to me! Any tips are appreciated.

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4 Comments on “NTC Again”

  1. Middea Says:

    Know how that one dragon does aoe damage that really hurts? A good tip is that he is a typical dragon, tail swipes and frontal cone aoe fire damage, so just stand on his back side but not on tail, have tank face him away. Fight is a WHOLE lot easier that way 🙂

    • Psyche Says:

      Yeah, the tank generally has in the past, though I’ve had one that refused to turn the dragon even when asked, and the rest of us couldn’t get behind it without being smacked by that damn tail! But it’s okay, this run went really smoothly. As we mostly had casters, they sat back and I ran forward to get into melee range. Still trying to make sure I avoid that tail!

  2. Jazz Says:

    Congrats on your first NTC run on your chanter. While I’m not an expert I do have a few grouping tips.

    Keep a HoT on the tank during boss fights. It’s not for healing but more for damage mitigation. You are most affective if you are hitting the target. Chanters are meant to melee. The only time you should be standing back is if there is an extereme emergancy and you need to start healing the cleric to make sure they don’t go down. I’ve been lucky in that the clerics I run with I’ve played with before in WoW so I know their playstyle. I know when they actually need my help and when I can go about doing what I need to do. So just try and run NTC as much as you can to get a feel of being the back up healer but remember you are not meant to be main heals.

    As I’m sure you know when you run with two chanters you can only have 2 mantras on a piece. So make sure you work out which two you both will run with. Also I wouldn’t worry -too- much about pulling aggro. With a proper set up you can hold aggro for a bit before the tank can pick it up.

    Oh and if you are running with rage stigma on make sure you turn it off when you need to emergancy back up heal. Even tho they reduced the cast time its still to slow considering that clerics get instant cast heals.

    Hmm I think that’s all I can think of for now. Good luck! 🙂

    • Psyche Says:

      Thanks! I appreciate the tips, expert or not.

      I do tend to keep a HoT on the tank, but was never sure why. It makes sense that it’s damage mitigation rather than healing. It never occurred to me before! I prefer being up-close and personal as Chanter, but am still getting used to my role. I think my main concern was that my first party (which fell through) were determined I needed to be main-healer despite my objections and requests for a Cleric. I stuck to my guns, but was a bit worried that maybe I could main-heal and was just being a wuss. 😛

      Yeah, the Mantra limit was something I hadn’t noticed until this party (I’ve only ever been a single Chanter to a party) but I quickly got used to that. In general my Chanter friend kept all three up, so I just popped another on because it seems that if you both have all three on it randomly switches between which four are active, which isn’t very helpful.

      The Rage stigma is one I carry with me, and I’ll keep in mind to keep it off. I find the slower heals are a pain in the arse when doing PvP as well, and just healing myself, so in a party situation it’d be bad.

      Thanks again for the tips, I really appreciate it. 🙂 Hope I can run again tonight.

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