Internet security.

I recommend that everyone using Firefox (and everyone else, just for good measure) checks out this article.  The basics are that there’s a Microsoft .NET add-on installed to Firefox without the user’s permission, and may cause serious security problems on your PC.  I read this in various communities so I was sure to go and get rid of the pesky add-on.  See here for instructions on how to remove.

The theory is that due to the kind of security breach this add-on can cause, any kind of account, be it bank account, email account, game account, whatever, can be affected.  Whichever it is you want to protect (note that I’m clinging to my Psyche for all dear life!) I suggest you get rid of that add-on pronto!

So spread it round, let everyone know.

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2 Comments on “Internet security.”

  1. Eyeball Says:

    My Firefox autodetected it, or my virus scan did. It popped up today to remove them.

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