Nochsana’s Training Camp

First of all, sorry for the lack of activity here, I’m not dead!  Was visiting family til the weekend and then my net decided to die, staying up for only three minutes at a time.  Either way, it’s back up, and in that time I’ve managed to do NTC for the first time, and two more times after that, so here are some thoughts.

First of all, our first party was really great!  We handled the agro really well, and the two guys from Shinigami were great.  I definitely recommend partying with Shinigami members on Spatalos, from my experience so far.  I had read this guide before going in and we cleared it in around the same time as it dictates.  It’s quite an easy instance for those who haven’t tried it, but the drops vary.  The first time we went in, the only decent drop was the blue from the Guardian, and luckily someone in the party could use it!

Second time practically nothing dropped, and the Guardian didn’t put out at all.  The third time we went in the Guardian still didn’t drop, but a couple of decent greens did and I even got some Pauldrons out of it.  I heard that you have to have killed all other mobs in the instance for the Guardian to drop a blue, anyone know if this is true?

Anyway, I definitely recommend this for some great leveling.  Typical party set-up works, but a high-damage party set-up did us really well, and I’ve seen parties do it with only four members.  It’s not too tough to stay standing, just remember to keep an eye out for patrols.

A few things to remember for NTC:

  • You can start at 25 and do it up until you turn 29.
  • I recommend taking the right path when you enter, as do many people it seems.  There is a patrol that comes round from the left composed mostly of regular mobs, but with an elite in there.
  • If you go right on entering, there’s a safe spot by the exit portal where you can sit if anyone goes AFK or people aren’t in the instance yet.

Sadly I don’t know enough to write a coherent guide yet, but that’ll come with time I’m sure!  I’m now 28, and find the XP from NTC definitely helping.  Each elite is worth 15-20k XP, and the bosses are from 35k-60k, depending on level and party members.

Dancing and showing off new armour!

Dancing and showing off new armour!

Either way, I’m now kitted out in some pretty nice Sura’s Plate and have been getting pretty damn lucky with drops lately.  I’ve taken a bit of a break from leveling Psyche to level my alt, a Chanter.  She seems to get luckier with drops than I ever have on Psyche!

Also, just a note, Clan Darkwolf are looking for new members, so if anyone is interested let me know!  We’re just a casual legion out to have some fun but we do some PvE and PvP parties, and most of the members are really friendly and helpful.  Sorry for the crappy content post, I hope to get some more interesting stuff up soon!

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6 Comments on “Nochsana’s Training Camp”

  1. lonomonkey Says:

    yay! your back! was starting to worry there.

    • Psyche Says:


      My net is being really rubbish lately, so I’m probably switching provider at the end of the month. More stable Aion’ing!

  2. Eyeball Says:

    The xp is great in there…basically a full bar of xp every time you clear it.

    • Psyche Says:

      Yeah exactly! I love it, I’ve found leveling much easier despite not being on quite as often due to crappy net and being away.

      Win win!

  3. Rer Says:

    *Looting Winged Rage’s stuff* Oh… you’re here… Hi.

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