Kill Claiming

I’m away from home, visiting family for a few days, and am inevitably missing the game.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder!  Though that said, I wanted to do an update regarding the current state of kill claiming.

As I’m sure many of you know, Aion does not go with the first-come-first-served method that has been used frequently in other MMOs.  For example, in FFXI, it is impossible for someone outside of a party who have claimed the mob to actually attack that claimed mob.

I understand the theory behind the way claiming works in Aion, but honestly I don’t think that basing it on damage is entirely fair.  I can deal with not getting kills here and there because someone else happened to attack the mob as I was.  Mistakes happen, and I usually try to be the one backing off and leaving the mob to the other player.

That said, in the last few days of play I have been questing in the Salintus Desert and a lot of the quests involve killing mobs and getting drops, as to be expected.  It’s extremely frustrating to have the mob down to 75% or less health and have a higher level ranged class come in and do 50% in one hit, thus claiming the mob as their own, even if I have already been smacking away at it.  I have even lost quest mobs on a long respawn in dangerous zones because of this, where a player will arrive halfway through the fight and claim the mob off me, then smile in chat and run off.

Honestly, changing it to whoever hits the mob first gets the claim wouldn’t prevent kill-stealing and griefing; that’s always going to exist.  This is the internet after all!  But would this alternate method of kill-claiming help the situation?  Many players are against it, but I personally wouldn’t be disappointed to use the old tried and tested method, or even experiment with a few new ones.

Back on Friday for more playing and hopefully a more personal update!

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9 Comments on “Kill Claiming”

  1. lonomonkey Says:

    Hi there!

    found your site through aionic toughts, love the reading so far. Added you to my blogroll if you don’t mind.

  2. Rer Says:

    I think its going to be bad either way, but the tried and true first come first serve just seems a simpler answer to me.

    • Psyche Says:

      I definitely agree; if it’s been done before and it’s worked, I don’t see sense in changing it. That said, I do agree that it’s going to be tough either way. People tend to be keen on griefing regardless of the mechanics involved. It takes all sorts. 😉

  3. Blazeric Says:

    Well at least you have a halfway decent chance of getting that 50% mark by being a Glad. I am a Templar and if I see someone else hitting the same target as me I just run the other way because I know I won’t out dps them.

    • Psyche Says:

      True, I’ve heard that Temps have a particularly hard time of it, even when wielding a Greatsword. That said, even with Trystan and myself as a pair of Glads we were unable to pull the claim on a mob we had started killing for a quest when a Ranger about four levels higher started attacking. That gets a bit aggravating. But I can feel your pain as a Temp.

  4. Eyeball Says:

    I have heard the reasoning behind the most dmg is to prevent level 50’s from powerleveling lowbies by having the low level tap the mob first, and than the 50’s finishing it off giving the low level guy all the xp.

    I don’t like it dmg based though being a cleric. It takes me 10 mins to kill something so it is easy for players to kill steal.

    • Alexan Says:

      The thing with powerleveling though, is even in WoW when the tagging system was used and who ever first attacked tagged the mob, you couldn’t powerlevel with a higher level player. If a higher level killed it you just didn’t get the full XP – but you still got to loot.

      And for memory (which is dodgy at best) it still counted towards *your* kill count. So this would help defer those who want to jump in and claim without waiting for respawn – it wouldn’t go towards their count and they couldn’t loot. Sure you lose your XP, but better than having to work for nothing.

  5. Theladas Says:

    Majority damage can be hard to do in some small-size encounters, it’s true. However, I feel that it’ll hold up better in the late-game world boss fights. I’d far prefer a boss kill to go to the better-performing alliance, rather than the team that has better twitch skills. That at least keeps focus on the mob, rather than the slower team knowing at the start and subsequently trying to wipe the faster team.

    I wonder what other good alternatives there might be? Random world encounters a la platform RPGs might be fun, or perhaps a timed DPS check so latecomers can’t take over?

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